About Me

“To burn always with this hard, gemlike flame, to maintain this ecstasy, is success in life.”

—Walter Pater

I am a PhD Candidate in English at the University of California: Los Angeles, where I specialize in long (very long) nineteenth century British literature in the Gothic mode. My dissertation examines the aesthetics of dread in a range of popular stories from The Mysteries of Udolpho (1794) to Sweeney Todd (1846-7) and Dracula (1897)… pretty fitting considering my love of endurance sports, which many find to be rather “dreadful”.

Facing the feeling of dread head-on is one of the hallmarks of mental toughness that makes me a great student and athlete. During grad school, I’ve qualified for the Boston Marathon twice, and am a four-time podium finisher at full- and half-Ironman distance triathlons, ranking 72nd in the world in 2017.


I have mastered work-life balance by tying together professional and personal health/fitness goals to achieve long-term success and happiness. I’m proud to not only be a scholar and an Ironman, but also happily married and deeply connected with a community of family and friends. When I’m not reading or racing, you’ll find me cooking fresh food from the farmer’s market, hiking, camping, rollerblading, or relaxing in a hammock in the jungle (urban or actual, depending on the time of year).